Eternally Existent


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An original artwork in collaboration with Marcus Dove.

Acrylic, Smoke Grenade Application and Genuine 24ct Gold on Aluminum
106 cm (framed)

For more information about Marcus please visit

Shipping to Europe, USA and else where is available. Please email to arrange.

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Image of Anarchic Nimbus 1
Anarchic Nimbus 1
Image of Anarchic Nimbus 2
Anarchic Nimbus 2
Image of Anarchic Nimbus (study on paper)
Anarchic Nimbus (study on paper)
Image of Anarchic Nimbus (study on paper )
Anarchic Nimbus (study on paper )
Image of Untitled VII
Untitled VII
Image of Interchange
Image of Untitled VI
Untitled VI
Image of Untitled VIII
Untitled VIII
Image of Untitled XI
Untitled XI
Image of Untitled IV
Untitled IV
Image of Untitled III
Untitled III
Image of Untitled I
Untitled I
Image of Untitled
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